Terms of Service

Premier Landscape Solutions, LLC (PLS) truly cares about our customers, maintaining their properties, and providing a “Premier” level of service.  However, we understand that in maintaining properties with crew members and various types of equipment there will be accidents that may occur.  We are careful when servicing your property, but if a covered incident does occur, we will do our best to repair any damage as soon as possible.  Below describes various things that you can do to help ensure our crews are safe while on your property and help prevent dangerous items from being present while they are servicing your property

Release of Liability Disclosure

Covered Damages:  Damages that occur during the performance of our services shall be the sole responsibility of the crews.  All approved repairs will be made by us or by an approved contractor.  Repairs made by others without our consent will not be our financial responsibility. The customer agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure that the service area is cleared of debris or other objects prior to PLS rendering services.  The following are examples of items that, if damaged, are not the responsibility of PLS.  These items may include, but not be limited to; any object(s) partially or completely exposed such as; air conditioning wiring, bird baths, bird houses, benches, chairs, play sets, concrete, dog beds, downspouts, drainage, shade structures, fences, fence posts, flower boxes, holiday decorations, improperly installed irrigation components, irrigation valve covers, metal edging, path lighting, pottery, outdoor curtains, retaining walls, stone edging, (brick and/or stone), stone pathways, toys, unprotected trees, trampolines, plastic pools or other swimming pools, exposed cables/wires, invisible fence dog lines, or sprinkler components/lines normally found below the surface of the lawn, or other items hidden in the landscape that are not clearly marked.  This also includes, but is not limited to, unmarked or shallow wires or cables such as internet providers, utility companies, telephone, irrigation systems, landscaping lighting systems, utility lids or covers, regardless of if they were provided by a secondary source or not.  PLS uses mechanical edgers to edge along hard surfaces and planter beds.  These blades can cut as deep as 5”.  The customer understands that all items, such as cables and wires, must be buried deeper than 5″ or are clearly marked as “Do Not Edge”. 

Objects which have turf that is planted or has grown too close / touching any object such as a mailbox, fence post, siding or any other structure including house walls, may be accidentally damaged when trimming or cutting.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all turf is at least 6” back from the area that it’s touching or that a layer of protection is added to the surface area of the object.  In PLS’s sole determination we may avoid trimming those areas described to avoid possible damage.  PLS will not edge along planter beds where there is not a physical barrier between rocks and turf as to prevent the mechanical edgers from throwing rocks which can cause damage or injury.  The customer agrees that PLS may leave those areas uncut, untrimmed, or unedged and must claim that the services have been completed.

If we are required to move objects to service your lawn and/or landscape, such as, but not limited to: benches, bird baths, basketball goals, playhouses, lawn furniture, trampolines, etc., we will not be responsible for damage caused by moving the object from where we need to provide service.

We are not responsible for damage to items left on the lawn. The teams do their best to avoid running over hoses, toys, paper, dog bones, etc.  However, these items are sometimes difficult to see, so please take a moment and collect all objects on the lawn before the service team arrives.

PLS uses safety deflectors on our mowers to minimize the possibility of any debris from damaging you or your property.  PLS also does their best to check for debris and other objects that may cause damage, or may be damaged, before each service.  However, PLS is not responsible, financially or otherwise, for any repairs or damage (personnel or property) for items (man-made or natural) that we were not aware of, including items that were not removed beforehand by the customer.

The financial cost and repair(s) for damages as described above are the sole responsibility of the customers and by accepting our services the customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Premier Landscape Solutions, LLC (PLS) for personal injury, death, loss, or damage of property.

Lawn Mowing Service Disclaimers

Grass Clippings:  We do not bag or remove grass clippings from the property.  Grass clippings are cut into fine pieces and redistributed back into the lawn as a natural fertilizer.  The raking of grass clippings, leaves, or other natural debris left on the lawn after cutting can be removed upon request at an additional charge.

Weeds:  Florida has the perfect conditions for the rapid growth of weeds.  Our crews use chemical spraying to kill most weeds in flower beds, rock beds, and cracks in paver walkways and driveways.  They will hand pull weeds where they cannot spray, such as at the base of plants and trees.  Some weeds, such as Artillery Weed, will not be killed with the use of traditional weed killers.  These weeds can be killed with different chemicals at an additional charge, please contact our office for pricing.  If you chose to “opt out” of the use of chemical spraying for weeds, the crews will not hand pull the weeds in your beds, walkways, or driveways.  This process is extremely time consuming and beyond the scope of services we would provide on a weekly service.  We can provide pricing for landscape cleanups and weed control upon request.  We are not responsible for weed growth in areas that have no ground cover such as rocks, mulch, or other plant or landscape material.  The crews will not enter areas such as screened porches and pool enclosures to spray or pull weeds.  A layer of approximately 2” of mulch is recommended in all beds as a weed deterrent and to help plants retain moisture and reduce heat.  We can provide an estimate for mulching upon request.

Pets:  PLS loves pets and is happy to provide services which accommodate pets.  However, we also respect the health and working conditions of our employees.  PLS asks that pet waste be removed from the yard before we provide service.  Therefore, we reserve the right to skip the service, and still charge, if the crew leader determines there is too much pet waste on the property.

Our crews cannot guarantee a pet will not escape during service.  We recommend keeping your pets inside while the crews are serving your lawn and checking the gates for closure after service has been completed to ensure it is latched before releasing your pets into the yard.

Gates:  If security is a concern, please check all gates after our service to be certain the gate is secured.  Please contact us if you find the gate/lock open, and we will remind the service team to lock every time!  However, we cannot guarantee a gate will latch and the lock stay in place. 

Rain:  Sometimes it rains on and off and we continue to work.  Sometimes your day is rained out and we try our best to come the next day.  At times, due to weather and other conditions beyond our control, your mowing service may be off schedule.  In the event of extremely heavy rain, or rain over several days, it may be that the crew cannot safely and effectively service your property.  In these cases, service days may be missed entirely with no chance of a visit before the next scheduled service day.  There will be no credits or refunds because of rained out days, our crews will resume regular visits when the weather allows, and we will do all that is necessary to get your property back up to excellent condition.

Wet Areas:  PLS is not responsible for turf damage caused by our equipment due to the lawn being too wet at the time of service. If the customer feels the lawn is too wet to cut, they have the right to request to be skipped and we’ll be back during the next round/rotation (please note that you will still be charged the same monthly rate for service if you request to be skipped).  Our mowers may create mud stains/ruts due to the lawn being too wet.  Most mud stains/ruts are superficial, and the areas will come back quickly, usually after the next rain or irrigation cycle.  Small areas that are too wet will be weedeated at the time of service to prevent unsightly turf.  However, larger areas, ditches, swales, and other areas that are typically maintained, but are too wet at the time of service, will be skipped until the next service. PLS reserves the right to charge additional fees if the property is overgrown and we are forced to double/triple cut the turf.  Most of the time the need for any additional charges is only enforced during the first service for new customers, or if the lawn was skipped in previous weeks due to excessive pet waste or extremely wet conditions.

Windows / Glass:  We are not responsible for any type of window and/or glass breakage while providing maintenance on your property from rocks, objects left in the yard, flying debris, etc. Note: Window damage and expenses shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Lawn Debris:  Removal of natural lawn debris is included as part of your routine maintenance service.  Lawn debris includes anything left behind by Mother Nature (sticks, leaves, misplaced ground cover, etc.).  We do not remove grass clippings.  However, larger amounts of lawn debris (e.g., tree limbs) caused by inclement weather, or brush piles collected by the client because of your own yard work efforts may require an additional charge for removal.  Removal requests must be made directly to the office, and the pile will need to viewed and priced before any removal can take place.  Please do not approach your crew and insist that they do this as a part of your regular maintenance routine — they do not have appropriate room on their trucks to accommodate these requests, nor are they to be held responsible for doing work outside the realm of regular routine maintenance.  Routine tree/palm trimming is included with your service for trees/palms less than 6’ in height (from the point at which the cut is to be made).  Tree trimming over 6’ can be provided at an additional charge.  This service is not provided by your normal lawn maintenance crew.  Instead, please contact our office for a quote and we will schedule one of our tree trimming crews if it is a job we can accommodate. 

Scope of Work Disclaimer

Authorized Work:  PLS crews are only authorized to perform the work listed on their schedule for the day.  All additional work requires authorization and approval of the office before proceeding.  Any extra work requested to be performed outside of the original scope of work will be billed at an additional charge (one hour minimum) and will be due upon completion of the service.  Due to scheduling and time constraints, extra work requests outside of the original scope of services may be performed on an additional visit.

Sprinkler Repairs:  Properly designed and installed irrigation systems are not damaged from routine lawn service.  All systems require regular maintenance and will deteriorate without it.  PLS has experienced irrigation maintenance techs on staff.  We are happy to provide customers with a quote to test their system monthly, keep it maintained properly, or adjust and repair when necessary for an additional cost.  PLS is not responsible for repairs to damaged irrigation system part that are not properly installed.

Holidays:  Schedules may be moved forward or back due to a weekday holiday.  The following holidays may impact your service day:  Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.  If your service day falls on one of these holidays you will be serviced the next week.  We value our employees and honor the few times a year they get the opportunity to spend time with their family and our community during these holidays.

Fuel:  We are greatly affected by the cost of fuel.  If fuel costs can be reduced by creating a more efficient route, rather than increasing our prices, your service day may be affected.   

Inaccessible Yards:  Once the crew arrives, they begin a systematic approach to servicing your lawn.  To provide timely, efficient, and dependable service we do not call or knock on the door if the yard, or a portion of the yard is inaccessible.  We do not offer credits or makeup visits for missed areas due to inaccessible yards.  Inaccessible yards include, but are not limited to; locked gates, broken gates, ongoing projects, moving vans, too many parked cars, pets outside, outdoor parties, running irrigation systems, construction material, or other workmen in a yard.

Communication, changes, and other request:  Please make all communications, changes to service, complaints, or other requests to the office and not your crew members.  There is a possibility that your crew leader may forget, be off the next day, or misunderstand the information.  Contacting the office directly allows us to be certain that your changes or needs are noted correctly in your customer file and are placed on work orders, and it is the only approved way to request a change to service or additional services.