Watering Tips For Landscaping In Florida

Before Florida became the landmass it is today, it was covered by ocean. This is why most of the plants and animals found in Florida now are not originally native to the region. However, there are many plants that are now considered native to Florida that were brought to the area long ago by winds, […]

6 Landscaping Tips For A Beautiful Lawn In Vero Beach, FL

Landscaping is an art. Each lawn has a character of its own and comes in different shapes and sizes. There are some that resemble the old farm style. Many are lawns in Vero Beach, FL are groomed almost flawlessly. However, no matter what type it is, the most important matter to a lawn owner is […]

Palm Care Tips

Choose a palm according to how big you want it to be. A small palm will likely stay small. If you want a big plant, you must purchase a big one. 1. Give a large palm plant as much direct sunlight as is available in your house. Palms are native to brightly lit areas and […]

Yard Care Tips

Getting rid of weeds is time consuming, back-breaking, and can be expensive if you use herbicides. Ideally, you should stop weed growth before it starts–this is easier and cheaper than killing weeds when they pop up. Preventive lawn weed control is also safer for the environment and more long-lasting than defensive approaches. Effective Lawn Weed […]

Premier Landscape Solutions

Hello and thanks for visiting our website. This is our first blog post so we wanted to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to share our business with you. We look forward to working with you to keep your home and lawn as beautiful as can be. Please take a look around […]