Premier Landscape Solutions

Premier Landscape Solutions, LLC was formed in October of 2009. We are a professionally licensed and insured landscaping company based in Vero Beach, Florida. We perform landscaping and lawn maintenance services throughout Indian River County and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us at (772) 925-0030 if you have any questions or comments. We are looking forward to tending to your lawn and keeping it green.

Premier Landscape Solutions is a landscaping company located in Vero Beach, FL(Indian River County). We are highly motivated and compassionate about what we do.  We strive to provide an exceptional service and base our business on communication.  We feel that this is the most important thing about us, and separates us from the rest.  We understand how you want your yard and landscaping and will develop a plan that’s right for you.  All of our employees are highly trained and motivated because we reward exceptional service.  We are looking to grow and develop or business in this community and others. We not only want to develop an exceptional business relationship but also what to become a company that you can refer to your friends or relatives.

What To Expect

When you are looking for a Lawn service company there are a few things that you need to consider. What are you getting for your money? We have customers that frequently call and say their unhappy with who they currently have and want a better service. Our first question is always” what are they doing that you don’t like”? Frequently they come back and say that there yard looks horrible and all they do is “Mow and Go”. Mowing is a third of what your yard needs to look good.

There are three important aspects of having a healthy and beautiful lawn.  You must have good maintenance, as we mentioned before, as well as Irrigation (water) and food (fertilizer). If you bring these 3 things together you can then potentially have a beautiful yard. Here in Florida the weather and climate is always changing and your yard maintenance crew must adapt as well. You definitely don’t want to do a hard trimming before a freeze or cut back the water in a drought! These are the things that need to be considered when picking your local company. When we come out we will walk your property and try to find out what you like or dislike. Communication is the most important part about the maintenance of your property. We will develop a plan that’s right for you and fits your budget. Our company maintains a year round service and does not cut back in the winter time. When the grass slows down we find other things to maintain to make your yard stand out.


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